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Our scratch removal is an alternative to repair and repaint. In many cases it is possible to polish the scratched area, either reducing it or removing it completely. Light scratches tend to only score the clear coat and can be polished out using our scratch removal service. This service is ideal for repairing the light scratches cars receive through washing or general wear and tear.

More prominent scratches are often broad but not too deep and in many cases machine polishing is often enough to remove and is very cost-effective. There are scratches that cannot be removed, even with this method, although they can be greatly reduced meaning they are less noticeable.

The more serious scratches, one’s that have not penetrated the paintworks clear-coat we can still polish out using wet-sanding. This skilled technique is highly effective for such scratches.

Ideal service for:

Car Sales

Car Purchase

End of lease

Stain removal

deep clean

What's included?